About Us

We are two professionals, bread bakers who love our craft and wish to connect with others who feel the same. Bread is having a pivotal moment in the culinary world, and we seek to capture the people and places responsible for this renewed interest in the edible staff of life.

Iliana Imberman Berkowitz is a baker at Parc Brasserie in Philadelphia, PA. Daily, she attempts sleight of hand with flour and water to create loaves of bread with magical quality and is successful. Prior to this, she was chief croissantier with Four Worlds Bakery.  She graduated from American University with a degree in Anthropology.

Nicholas J Brannon is Head Baker of Parc Brasserie, in Philadelphia, PA. There, he leads a team who create a variety of highly glutinous products for Starr Restaurant enterprises. Previously, Brannon held prominent positions with Wild Flour Bakery, Baker Street Bread, and Art of Bread. In his free time, he raises his one-year old son Alister.

Please get in touch if you’d like to connect with us.

We're All Ears

We’re All Ears


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